From Good to Great Design

Movement adds flavor to any classroom setting. Even when teachers aren’t feeling very confident about adding dance moves there are still enormous benefits to beginning the practice. Learning with students is a powerful strategy for growth. Teachers are able to point out what they notice, wonder about, and safely question the problems they come into contact with… the communication becomes intentional.

The daily practice of adding movement opens new possibilities and helps create healthy habits that will go with students throughout life. Design thinking that includes movement is a habit that embraces the whole student. Once students enjoy moving while they think — their entire polyvagal state of mind can be calmed and they can learn.

“It’s so much easier to suggest solutions when you don’t know too much about the problem.”

~Malcolm Forbes

Being Intentional

When adding movement to traditional classrooms (stretches, cardio bursts, or simple dances using arm motions, and hand gestures) the thinking process shifts back and forth between convergent and divergent thinking. The more practice happens the more the students can toggle back and forth. This brings a great regulation to their “problem” solving abilities.

Mrs. Fennell’s Classroom spelling vocabulary words with their whole body.

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