A little backstage access…

Kimberly is the lead teaching artist at Arts + More. She grew up in Seville, Ohio and always dreamed of being principal at a Christian Performing Arts School, just like the TV show FAME. “I’m gonna live forever”! The arts were like guerrilla creative survival for Kimberly in the rural town. Both her parents were teachers and very artistic taking her to concerts and performances all over the world. This led to a happy ability to improvise and discover fast solutions.

Arts + More Services started to provide consultations, quality leadership, creative solutions, tons of artsy roguishness, and authentic know-how for artists, non-profit organizations, and small business owners.

Kimberly has two kids. When they try to describe what Kimberly does to her friends’ parents they realized every eclectic description ended with “+more”. So in 2018 Kimberly shifted her independent, adhoc teaching, and consulting services to the banner name “Arts + More Services”.

In 2020, Arts + More began hubbing up with other artists to create a strong team and provide additional teaching arts and consulting services.

Arts + More has had its share of setbacks and failures. With confidence, we proclaim true resilience and triumphant victories over the setbacks of “generational differences”, “technological lag time”, and all the “regular stuff” artists must overcome to keep creating. We’re proud to visit schools, churches, boards, corporations, circuses, and small business owners with strategic processes and sound planning. You’ll be proud of your work and yourself when collaborating with Arts + More.

We love working with local businesses in Seville, Ohio. We also continue growing deep roots for a broader reach in our industries. We donate 10% of all net profits to local non-profits of our choice. We aren’t just another consulting firm. We are real, down-to-earth folks, like you, who have a knack for bringing together resources and focus.