Residencies + Workshops

The Dance Education Integration + Wellness Program is available in year-long, one or two-month-long, two-week-long, week-long, and one-day programs. These are designed to complete a well-rounded Fine-Arts environment in libraries, social service agencies, public and private schools. This program brings dance and other movement opportunities to students and staff members.

Literacy Programs

Let’s learn vocabulary, history, and culture through movement moments.

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Social Emotional Learning Programs

The tenants of Social Emotional Learning are customary protocols in the arts. We’ll discover connections through activities and improvisations.

Tap Mathmaticians

2nd and 3rd graders get to tap dance their number facts and more! What?! How exciting.

Science & Math Movers

This 32 Lesson curriculum is available for K – 5th grades.

Photo Credit: Todd Biss Photography

Ashland High School was awarded the Ohio Arts Council’s Teach Arts Ohio for 2020-2022 Fiscal Years to have Kimberly Crislip Payne in residence.

The Ohio Arts Council offers funding to make many of our programs possible. Including the PUREMOVEMENT: Dancing from the Inside-Out program.

How can Arts + More help your school, business, or organization?

We bring gentle models for introducing pro-social and pro-artistic changes!