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Sizo learned Software Engineering at the University of Johannesburg and uses his skill to train others in media arts. He is the co-founder of Antidote Music and has been awarded as a forerunner in digital music both domestically and in South Africa. Sizo loves graphic design, branding, web design, and the life of an arts practitioner. in 2020 he won the Digital Lab Africa music category, making him one of the 9 winners on the continent. Sizo is the Digital Grassroots Ambassador and advocates for digital inclusion, freedom of speech and expression in Eswatini. He knows using poetry for engaging conversations helps empower people. Local poets enjoy working with Sizo as a presenter and he prepares them for participation in the Poetas D’alma International Festival. He volunteers as one of the producers of the festival; having now constructed 9 episodes for the BBC Special in Eswatini and documentary production credits for TVN (Poland) and De Chinezin (Belgium).

Culture Traveler | Dreamer


United States

Alex is dedicated and adaptive. He’s 100% energy and remains focused when facing challenges. Alex loves all different forms of technology. He’s constantly learning and catching fresh skills. He enjoys 3D modeling, animation, graphic design, web design, web development, music technologies, and so much more. His passion for others and technology is a collision that catipults communication, ideas, and knowledge.

Creative | Catalyst



Katerina has been passionate about education and arts for her entire life. She teaches, “Movement is very important, especially for little children. For the very little ones it’s even more important than learning to read and write as it helps to form neural connections. Some parents nowadays tend to educate their children almost from birth with school subjects, languages, and sitting without movement. No need to neglect game-time and dancing.

Mover | Nurturer


United Kingdom

Chloe is a Family Learning Tutor at Lincolnshire County Council. She’s studied Mathematics at University of London and Dance at University of Akron. Chloe was a student at Cincinnati Ballet and she danced professionally with Living Fountain Dance Company.

Inspiring | Globe-Trotter


United States

Kimberly has learned through dancing her whole life and loves helping pedestrians appreciate art.

IN.TRO.VERT | Adventurer

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