Organizational Analysis

Small Business Start-Up | Organizational Analysis

Organizational process and development planning require more than good friends, advice, and money.  It requires experience and guidance from professionals in your industry and culture whom you can trust, as allies.  Advocates who understand your vision and mission and can help you avoid the pitfalls.

Arts + More provides a team of consultants who are passionately committed to the success of creative industries and strong communities. We are recognized internationally for our expertise, hands-on approach, and extraordinary results.

Kimberly Crislip Jarvis, of Arts + More is enthusiastic about supporting communities through art experiences by partnering interdisciplinary and leadership studies. She has a knack for identifying fresh solutions and being agile to put them in motion. Kimberly is detail-oriented and focused with over 30 years of experience working with non-profit organizational leadership.

Let’s identify where you are + help you get where you’d like to be.

Arts + More Consultants share a diagnostic picture to use for calibration to your mission, vision, and values. Similar to the way a financial report shows the financial condition of an organization. If you haven’t yet decided upon your mission, vision, and values, Art + More Consultants can quickly navigate the discovery process with you. If your organization has a long history Arts + More can help. A diagnostic picture of your organization will assist you in raising your sails at the right time for forwarding motion.  The initial consultation will be with your primary leadership and then the you can select best options for supporting your organization.

Arts + More delivers rich insight and energetic support through conferences, retreats, workshops, and interim coverage for the following services.

Organizational Consulting

  • Organizational Analysis
  • Organizational Development
  • Interim Management
  • Grant Administration
  • Strategic Planning & Community Engagement 
  • Facilities & Program Planning
  • Motivational Strategizing
  • Donor Research & Planning
  • Learning & Leadership Development
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Non-profit Board Development
  • Budget Planning & Forecasting

At the end of the process…

We will provide a final document that details your organization’s fitness in terms of the leadership, the veracity of mission, and the path for success. We’ll recommend designs for scaffolding that will aid your group in building upon the foundation of your passion. We’ll sure up job descriptions, define roles, or offer alternative modes of governance when we see it will help.  The goal of our recommendation is to provide calibration that ensures your board, management, and staff will accomplish your mission and objectives.  

Our third-party view is ideal for developing a baseline study that improves effectiveness in the here and now while launching you in a strategy for a fresh future. Follow up analysis is available upon request as well. Everyone appreciates validation that you’re on track.


We’ve dwindled and things don’t feel right. Each volunteer feels unappreciated no matter how much we try to appreciate them.

Our leader has great ideas and strategies, but their follow through keeps getting distracted. We need to be cohesive and find some follow through or we’ll have to close.


What used to work just doesn’t work any more. The way we’re doing things is antiquated and we need to either start over or learn how to transition.

Everyone is afraid of each other. Staff gives over and above to keep their jobs, but they aren’t producing the results to lead the organization forward.

Let’s get things turned in the right direction.

“I started with Kimberly at a time when I was in so much pain I was not able to lead well. I didn’t know it at the time but my core beliefs were so weak that my business was falling apart. After Kimberly laid out a program for me, I faithfully documented my business plan in little chunks on an hourly basis. By the next day I had vision for my future! Within one week, my team mates noticed how much stronger our business was. I continue faithfully everyday to ground myself in scripture and continue the planning process and daily routines. I am so thankful for Kimberly and her knowledge to help my team mates and I succeed!”

~A.A. from Uniontown, Ohio