Launching the 2021-2022 Theme

From the pandemic to the election our communication has been polarized. This year we’re focusing on bringing opportunities for meaningful conversations to the clients we serve.

Children, young adults and people of all ages need opportunities to see prosocial activities, share ideas, build and repair relationships. These skills come as adults provide great discussions. The integration of dance reveals attentiveness, clarification, emotion, mood, and feelings. When designing dances there is a powerful choreographic language learned. Students of all ages can discover subtleties that sumarize and translate into every day communication.

A meaningful conversation is one that has a purpose, but also, affords the participants the freedom to express themselves. It’s the sweet spot between rigidly following a plan and mindlessly talking about whatever. Of course, how the conversation unfolds depends on everyone involved, not just you.

Marta Brzosko

Meaningful conversations lead people toward public spirit competencies.

We start to understand each other through the universal language of dance.

What do we learn about others when we dance together?

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