Compared to What

Giants are only giants compared to something smaller.

Paul H. Jenkins

Experiencing each day as it comes is essential for wellness. Allow your ears to listen to the birds, your nose to smell both the fertilized fields and the fresh crisp air, and all your sense of touch to feel the tug of war between winter and summer. Too often we account for our days instead of planning them. This spring allow yourself to join the migrating birds and busy bugs as the prepare for an industrious summer.

This morning on my commute to downtown Cleveland I listened to a podcast that pointed out the Bible refers to time 746 times. In those accounts very rarely is it focused in past tense. Most of the time it is mentioned as “a time is coming”. It’s forward looking. Too often we look at the could’ woulda’ shoulda’ and neglect to see that time works both ways. Paul Jenkins (2014) shared, “our determination of whether it is good or bad, depends on comparison with an imagined alternate possible scenario”. The degree to what we can imagine will influence our ability to govern the reality of a situation. Our What If… is suspended between better and worse until we decide how we will interpret it.

Allowing ourselves to be in the moment brings us happiness, presence, and time. Tuning your body, mind, and spirit through sights, sounds, and tastes will settle the irritation of all that construction on the road. Instead of accounting only for your day at the end of it; create intention for tomorrow. I invite you to enjoy the adorable work of Tatsuya Tanaka as you head over the hill of hump day.

Artist Tatsuya Tanaka

Japanese artist, author and photographer Tatsuya Tanaka shows us the beauty in little things. By combining common objects with an immense library of tiny plastic figurines, Tatsuya uplifts and stuns his audiences with everyday, relatable scenes depicted from a small perspective.


Jenkins, P. H. (2014). Pathological positivity. Utah: Live on Purpose Press.

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