Everyone Needs to bounce

It’s so fun to start a class by rolling in a bunch of stability balls! I especially loved this workout because it’s no nonsense and burns a ton of calories. TEACHERS! Review the exercises and pop them in between your lessons. Encourage kids to use what they have a home! Plank on couches, lift legs up.

Q. Ms. Kimberly….what about the liability of telling my kids to plank?

A. Ms. Teacher….Consider the about the liability of NOT telling your kids to plank. I once told a 36 year old woman to jump on my couch. She did not break it and it changed her life. The more you expose yourself to safe practices, the more you’ll understand safety concerns. There are also amazing programs available for learning adaptive practices and creating modifications for students. However, the greatest course is experience. Please enjoy a habit of dancing your day away! MOVEMENT is essential! So…plank.

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