Cold Hard Facts on Academic Metabolism

We must be energetic and enthusiastic during instruction! Our kids need lots of dance-theater, fun, and playful physical education!

Here are the cold hard facts! Students spend the summer burning 800+ calories a day and enjoying 2+ hours of active play. Then, come September, we ask them to settle onto a screen and into a seat. This drops their calorie burn in half and their exercise routine to a quarter of what it was. These are Payne family research numbers. I have a sophmore son who will have a drastic metabolic shift at the end of December due to the traditions of academia.

It takes 4 months for the metabolism to shift to burn more or less. Let’s use 3…2…1… High Intensity Intervals with our students to help them avoid the pitfall of seasonal depression. They are too precious to end up with the winter blues annually because we want them to be still. Check out the presentation below to learn more!

Keep Kids Motivated!

If you can’t come to us, we’ll go to you.

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