Take it up a notch

Hello! It’s happening! I’m heading into full-time for Arts + More! I’m looking to connect with small businesses in need of launching their web presence. It could be a friend who has been content with their storefront but has just realized it’s time for them to go online. We all have friends who started new businesses within the past six months and it’s time to dot “i”s and cross “t”s on the internet by getting search engine optimization from a professional.

If you’re just getting started, I have 2 more spots available this month. The small business bundle is a one time $550 fee and it includes website, all social media platforms, newsletter, and Youtube launches. The soft launch is within 30 days and the hard launch is on your schedule, after you’ve learned the ropes. For those of you who need ongoing inspiration, ghost writing, and social media supervision, we can customize a plan for you. It deosn’t matter if you’re a store, salon, health care, restaurant, or corporation, having a stellar website is essential. Why not reap the benefits of doing it artistically.

Switching up to full-time teaching artist and business consultant means I’m ready to partner with you and your community. Now is the perfect time for making your website your way with your style. Let’s chit chat and put this year to rest and light up 2021!

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