Integrating Faith + Practice

Why is it imperative to combine FAITH + PRACTICE for Expressive Arts Therapies?

Expressive Arts have a unique opportunity to bring together an intersection of faith and science.  It is a chance for theology and reality to meet.  Check out the Faith governance and the sharp- trained minds in the lives of Bible characters Joseph, Daniel, and Paul.  This equation of belief and circumstance results in an increase in resilience and compassion.  That is the essential offering of expressive arts therapies.

The Bible character Joseph did not know what he didn’t know.  We’re introduced to him during an awkward time in his life.  He faces intense abandonment and betrayal.  He only has his faith to turn to.  He knew his life was spared, but not yet for what.  Joseph was positioned for growth, blessing, and purposes beyond his own comprehension.  He was given adequate time to integrate his mental knowledge with new growth with his odd circumstances and it was all used for great purpose when his governing position ended up saving his family and the nation.

Daniel is another Bible character who was taken into captivity as a young man, yet he stood out as a leader because of his well-trained mind.  Constantly using expressive actions, he did not bring the Babylonian people a testimony of religious language.  Instead, he showed, through expressive movements, what his faith was.  He also knew the timing of how and when to let the God he believed in to speak for Himself.  Essentially King Nebuchadnezzar met God’s identity through Daniel expressing his faith + practice. 

While Joseph and Daniel were brought up knowing the God of Israel and the crux of their appearance in the scriptures is a testimony of their faithfulness to those learned teachings.  Paul’s contribution to the scriptures highlights the revelation that God’s Son, Jesus, had arrived as prophesied.  Paul demonstrated dualism.  His knowledge of the Judaic Law did not meet the reality of the present Messiah.  As he persecuted those who believed Jesus was the Messiah he did not apply the knowledge he had learned in Isaiah.  He didn’t recognize God’s plan. Once the Lord did a miracle and revealed Himself, Paul was brought into physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual wholeness and unity with others.

Humans do not do well when they are lacking development or understanding of the presence of faith.  The heart, as referred to as the human’s long-term history, deserves to be conditioned and developed because of God’s great love.  This is why the expressive arts must bring an invitation for the client to know what their faith is and to have an integrative experience with their daily life.

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