motivation – HELP!

In August I was teaching a semi-private lesson of three dancers. We were wearing masks due to the Covid-19 pandemic and it deadened the senses. The children could not remember 4 movements in a row. These were students who had previously done 3 minute performance pieces and did not normally struggle. Motivation and love needed to be central to their experience. So we slowed down, focused on details and the way the movements felt. Our class time included playful times of what the students needed.

Here are a couple of questions you can ask students when motivating your class:

  • What’s the best way for you to clean your room? How do you approach getting things done.
  • If you won three months of free classes, what would you register for?
  • What happens when you realize something is really hard for you?
  • When you daydream, what do you do?
  • If you’re told you need to work with a group of peers, what would you want to do?
  • If you impulsively signed up for something but didn’t want to do it, what would you do?
  • What boosts your mood when your motivation fades?

We enjoyed dancing with each other during that time. The lessons were focused with little variety, but it was a great deal of fun. Your students need your love and compassion right now. Here are a few hand-outs that you can use to learn more about the kids.

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