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Courses will be available for sale beginning in the Fall of 2020.

The Sanctuary Subscription is your key to starting or rebooting your distinction as a performing artist. Weekly technique classes are combined with notes, evaluation and motivational activities, and consultation. You’re a precious gem and this course reminds you, inspires you, and reveals to you how to remain a joyous dancer.

Moving to Math and Science is a series of thirty creative movement lessons for students in grades in Kindergarten through 7th. The integrative lessons have been created in collaboration with public and private school teachers through partnerships with ArtsinStark of Stark, County in Ohio over the past 12 years.  Students will be found to have mathematic and scientific abilities beyond the classroom walls because they will stand tall and measure up every single time! This series is for teachers to use in the classroom, students to enjoy independently, or families.  Students who create, evaluate, and analyze the world around them confidently will enjoy using the information they’ve learned. The Moving to Math and Science series is an opportunity to ignite the imagination.

Coming in Fall 2020

Coming in Fall 2020

Students discover their natural impulse for dancing through body awareness and playful classroom exercises. This eight part course encourages abstract silliness while learning vocabulary terms and tried and true choreographic techniques. Quarterly virtual concerts allow dancers to share their creations with the public through live feed virtual performances.

Lauren Stenroos is a joyous ballerina. In this five lesson course, Lauren explains the ins and outs of Postural Control, Functional Control, Foot Control, Hip + Core Control, and Pre-Pointe.

Ella Turner is a pure and joyous ballerina who combines detailed classical ballet tips with her faith. Lessons are ongoing and premiere weekly.

Would you like to know the secrets of strong ballet dancing? It starts with pointe technique!

Foot control is about more than feet! Ella Turner explains the process of unlocking your dance destiny by understanding what it takes to control your feet.

Warming up, cooling down, or rehabbing injuries becomes second nature when you carry your foam roller into the studio. Ella’s ongoing series of foam roller exercises will increase soft tissue recovery and guarantee increased strength.

Cross-trained for the win. All dancers need to wake-up and enjoy a little cardio prior to class. You’ll be amazed with the power you discover through high intensity interval training.

It’s one thing to watch a variation. Ella goes the extra mile and breaks them down. Learn and review the steps to the classics by Petipa and more!

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