We’re Recruiting!

Arts + More has been providing integrative universal designed learning opportunities through fine arts for two decades.  As the video production team evolves the group now offers a fresh and innovative way to meet the public demand for motivating students and clients through arts integration lessons. We bring education to life through performances, webinars, workshops, and residencies. Interns should expect to assist on location, help carry equipment, set up cameras, and tripods. The work ethic and services of Arts + More combines entrepreneurial learning, social media content management, live performances, with a weekly documentary and 15 sneak preview screenings with special guests.

A typical week includes four hours of work once or twice during the week.

Key Responsibilities

  • Discuss preschool through 12th grade learning in creative session with teaching artists.
  • Participate in regular and ongoing creative design (ways to learn), scriptwriting, and story-booking those ideas into presentations.
  • Perform as a communicator, including acting and movement, for live, virtual, and recorded performances.

General Responsibilities

  • Provide playful stress relief for the public through appropriate shenaniganizing.
  • Provide back-up to the Social Media Content Manager. #takeovers
  • Data entry for 10-15 minutes each workday.
  • Tour regionally in Ohio. (10% of the time) 

An internship in digital arts, film, and theater will set you apart in an extremely competitive career field.  Digital Media Internships allow you to gain valuable hands-on experience and skills in an international setting.  Your tasks may include marketing, scriptwriting, working alongside an artistic director, and any other part of the production process that goes into making a successful show.  Skills and knowledge in music, visual art, dance, and theatre are a benefit, however training is available.

Supervisor: Artistic Director

Applicants should send resume, bio, headshot, and letter of recommendation to Arts + More, 63 Center St. Seville, Ohio 44273 or kimberly@kimberlypayne.art with an audition presentation titled: “I Learn Best When…”

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