Soft Skills

It’s valuable to take a few minutes (while you’re waiting for contracts to come through or schedules to be reassigned) to perform a short audit of your soft skills and update your repertoire of solid examples of YOU! You’re the only one of you in the universe and that matters!

You haven’t gotten this far without having a good work ethic, communication skills, the ability to creative problem solve, and work together as a team.

Take a moment to close your eyes and listen to your breathing. Allow yourself to lift the neck tall as you inhale and release the chin toward the chest as you exhale. Repeat this a few times and then open your eyes.

Continue to breath through your spine by breathing in and growing taller asserting thoughts of your continued successes. Then, as you exhale, humbly drop your chin and accept the times when you may have missed the mark.

What did you discover?

Let me know!

What skills are unique to you and only you?

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