Infinite Possibilities

Creativity is attractive to audiences, isn’t it?  Performing artists spend significant rehearsal time to perfect their ability and pull off the stream of entertainment you receive at your fingertips. Vocalists spend hours and weeks and months and years to create control and articulation of range in the same way writers construct voices.  Same for musicians.  They practice subtle dexterity in the same way dancers utilize infinite combinations of movement and actors order a spectrum of responses. The time consumption for producing captivating works is impossible without devoted philanthropists who believe the world needs the joy of the arts.  During the COVID-19 pandemic reach out to an artist and tell them to keep going!  If you’d like to support a local artist, we’ve partnered with the Giant Hearts Project, headquartered in Seville, Ohio. Click here to donate to the program of your choice. Here’s also a feel-good hip-hop dance for your day.

Just a feel good dance class.

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