Road-map for Achieving Goals through Resonance

New hybrid models of online courses, shopping, banking, and inspiration while we ease back into brick and mortar venues can help us advance our relationships, careers, and passions. Meeting family, friends, and students online and then connecting with them face to face will heighten our ability to understand and empathize with others.  The increased use of remote work and technology can provide us with a clear road-map to achieve our goals by helping us recognize what resonates with us. We must grieve the loss of normalcy this spring, we should also pay attention to what goals, relationships, and passions captivate our thoughts.  These resonating thoughts help us become more astute in communicating our vision, trusting our learning agenda, and continuing to pioneer and pave roads forward.

Exploring resonance will also develop our emotional intelligence. We have time to become more judicious and understanding about whom We’d like to be and who we are.  We must identify and build on our strengths and surrender our weaknesses. At times we’ll need to name the paradoxes we face.  Perhaps we are more competitive than our peers but less competitive than our industry.  Perhaps our gender does affect our career and we need to plan our way through the challenge.  In the new frontier after this virus pandemic, we need to open our personas with colleagues and allow supportive and trusting relationships to develop.  This certainly includes family members as well.  When was the last time you spent so much time together? While I have been an affiliative leader over the years, it’s been wonderful to slow down and utilize more visionary planning with my family. According to Fu, Richards, and Jones (2009), inspiring people to create self-directed goals will motivate people to “expend more effort as goal levels increase up to a certain point” (Fu et al., 2009, p. 29).  Their self-efficacy and goal setting will begin to decline when workplace goals interfere with personal lives and pleasing work conditions. (Fu et al., 2009) While we are working remotely we can imagine concrete ideas and engage team members with inspiration and organizational values. The online communities developed through the COVID-19 pandemic are was good for debating and exploring. They will not be going away.  How can you and your family, friends, and work cohorts help encourage each other and utilize diverse styles of discovering new patterns?  How can you celebrate and allow true-identity?

What a gift these weeks at home are.  Let’s not allow heroic healthcare and essential workers’ sacrifice to go unnoticed.  We must grow closer in relationships, transform our careers, and stay in the lane of our passions.  Connectedness to family, friends, teammates, and students online will help us experience reconnecting with them face to face with full gratitude and an increased understand.  A mindset of thankfulness for an era of online fusion with the coming phases of re-connection can provide us with a clear road-map to achieve progression within ourselves and our families. There has been so much loss.  It’s normal to feel sad, stressed, confused, scared, and angry.  As we talk about these feelings and our passions others can understand our vision, we can increase our trust and self-efficacy, and design a road-map forward from the crash site.

Fu, F. Q., Richards, K. A., & Jones, E. (2009). The motivation hub: effects of goal setting and self-efficacy on effort and new product sales. Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 29(3), 277–292.

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