This is the school year to think of your kinesthetic learners!


Photo Credit: Todd Biss Photography

Triangles are polygons with three sides.  They are unique.  The sides go together in only one way.  This is not true of other polygons.

Parts of a Triangle

Any side of a triangle can be called the base.  The line segment that starts at a vertex and is perpendicular to the base is called the height, or altitude.

Above, there is a photos of a dancer using the frontal plane to make a triangle.


  1. Please draw the dancer as a stick figure.
  2. Using your straight edge, please draw the lines from her finger tips to her knee.  This will show the visual lines the dancer is making when she jumps into a triangle shape.
  3. Please label the base, a line segment, a vertex, and the height of your drawn triangle.

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