Inspiring: Handbook of a Christian Knight

Christian Knight

Followership dates back to Erasmus, a scholar around 1501.  He was asked how a soldier can change his ways. It inspired Enchiridion militis Christiani, or Handbook of a Christian Knight. Erasmus (1501) offered 22 rules for what we would call “good” followership.

Rule #1  –   Increase Your Faith
Rule #2  –   Act on Your Faith
Rule #3  –   Analyze Your Fears
Rule #4  –   Make Christ the Only Goal of Your Life
Rule #5  –   Turn Away from Material Things
Rule #6  –   Train Your Mind to Distinguish the True Nature of Good and Evil
Rule #7  –   Never Let any Setback Stop You in Your Quest
Rule #8  –   Face Temptation with God, not with Worry
Rule #9  –   Always Be Prepared for Attack
Rule #10  – Always Be Prepared for Temptation
Rule #11  – Guard Against Two Dangers; Surrender and Pride
Rule #12  – Turn your Weakness into Strength
Rule #13  – Treat Each Battle as if it Were Your Last
Rule #14  – Virtue does not Permit Vice
Rule #15  – Weigh Your Alternatives Clearly
Rule #16  – Never, Never, Never Give Up
Rule #17  – Always Have a Plan of Action
Rule #18  – Always Consider the Consequences of Your Actions
Rule #19  – Apply the “Would-My-Loved-Ones-Approve” Test
Rule #20  – Virtue has its Own Reward
Rule #21  – Life is Hard and Quick, Make it Count
Rule #22  – Repent of Your Wrongs

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