Reaching Hearts with the Power of the Arts

The Arts Conservatory at Camp NEOSA (Salvation Army) is a fundamental time in super-charging leaders and students alike.  The group annually hosts a Star Search Competition allowing all the students in regional arts ministries to be adjudicated.  The Arts Conservatory is a week for students and group leaders to come to the beautiful camp center set beside Leesville Lake close to Atwood Lake.  Over the past decade it has been a pleasure to join the camp and give instruction on sacred dance.

Dance has a way of blessing God’s heart and showing it to the world.  There are moments when everything that the Lord wants to say about a moment come down to beauty.  This week was no different.  It was beautiful to train the dancers this week.  It was beautiful also to see God’s kids praising Him with trimbrel, horns, songs, and dramas.


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