The Sense of Possibility

I love the sense of possibility.  There is an entire year stretched out in front of us.  There will be highlights and failures and game changing events that bring us closer to ourselves and each other.  2015 is ready to be filled with adventure and millions of tiny gifts to open.

Do you want to hold this new year tightly in your hands?  Do you want to let it unfold by holding it loosely?  The pastor at my church shared that planning is essential and Biblical.  God has a plan and He does reveal it.  What are some of the plans the Lord has for you this year?


As you make this a year of living authentically: Remember to Surrender.  Give the Lord, Jesus, your relationship with food.  Give him your schedule and plan work-outs with Him.  When you surrender the year you want in the flesh; God will give you a year in His Spirit.

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