Remember to Surrender

The slogan for this week [WEEK ONE] of our 2015 Wellness Challenge is:

Remember to Surrender

This will be the act of giving up something that you want to keep.  This will especially difficult.  Surrthumbnail.aspxendering is an act that will help you get or do something else.  Surrendering will help you and those you love.

When you surrender foods and drinks that poorly fuel your body:

  • It honors God.
  • It honors your Friends.
  • It honors your Family.
  • It honors YOU!

Remember this week to SURRENDER the foods and drinks that may, in fact, be hurting you.  They may not seem like it at first; but we know deep inside ourselves that some emotional and physical damage is occurring.  You are important and valuable!  When you’re tempted to sneak a sweet treat ~ stop.  Ask yourself if it is the best fuel for your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health?  God will show you a healthy way to fuel yourself.

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