17 Great Habits for the New Year

Eat less junk food!
Make a single goal per day.
Exercise 4 times a week.
Listen to audio books
Make a to do list.
Read 2 nonfiction books a month.
Have your kids volunteer for good things.
Send Birthday cards.
Write goals.
Read 30 minutes a day.
Keep skid chains on your tongue.
Network for 5 hours a month.
Watch less than an hour of TV a day.
Wake up 2-3 hours before work.
Believe that good habits make great opportunities.
Believe in life-long improvement of yourself.

This is a shortened list from Dave Ramsey. His list is 20 habits of wealthy people. The other 3 were kinda no brainers so I didn’t jot them down when I originally saw the article.

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