Jack Up Calorie Burn

classic “Try these fun variations of an old-school favorite.  Do each move for 1 minute, resting 15 seconds after each exercise.”  Prevention.com December 2013

1.  The Classic – Stand with feet together, arms next to body at sides.  Jump legs out while bringing arms out and over head.

2. Plank – Start in push-up position. Jump feet out a few inches, then back together, keeping abs tight and back flat.  Plank

3. Clapping – Stand with arms out to sides at shoulder height.  Jump legs out while clapping hands together in front of the chest. Clapping

Twisted4. Twisted – Do a classic jumping jack, rotating the body 90 degrees with each jump (so you face center left, center right).

5. Start in a squat.  Jump up, extending arms ad legs out to sides, creating an X shape with the body in air. Star

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