Amor Sceleratus Habendi : the Love of Patio Furniture

It was 2003. I had a house, storefront dance studio, a wonderful husband and a new baby. The hope of prosperity was dwelling upon me. Yet, I kept desiring a ‘something’ that would complete the picture.

“Amor sceleratus habendi” means “the accursed love of getting”.  In those days I had an uncanny ability to purchase the ‘thing’ I needed to finish the picture. The perfect frame for that sketch came home with me one day. The right throw blanket for that couch the next. True indeed some of these items were starter home kinds of things and they are still part of our family now.

However, one particular day, I was unlocking the door to our house and my arms were full of shopping bags. I glanced over to the patio and thought “Once I get the patio furniture I’ll have everything I need.” It was an instant out of body experience. I heard myself and realized I had financial power to ruin myself. (Funny, financial power in youth is a fleeting sort of thing. That story will have to be told another day.) Upon this thought…the accursed love of getting…I vowed it would be a long day away that I would buy any patio furniture.

It has turned out just fine, you know. Along came some hand-me-down furniture and 4-10 summer parties a year. I’m so glad for the momentary conviction of the heart. The hand-me-downs were so sweet to my soul. It placed the priority back on the people instead of the picture they made. Luvli!


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