The Purpose of the Arts , As Identified by the 92nd American Assembly

Four Public Purposes of the Arts, as identified by the 92nd American Assembly. They are as follows:

1. The arts help define what it is to be an American–by building a sense of the nation’s identity, by reinforcing the reality of American pluralism, by advancing democratic values at home and by advancing democratic values and peace abroad.
2. The arts contribute to quality of life and economic growth—by making American communities more livable and more prosperous and by increasing the nation’s prosperity at home and abroad.
3. The arts help form an educated and aware citizenry—by promoting understanding in our diverse society, by developing competence in school and at work and by advancing freedom of inquiry and the open exchange of ideas and values.
4. The arts enhance individual life—by encouraging individual creativity, spirit and potential and by providing release, relaxation and entertainment.

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