Advice for Standing Tall

Recently, I glanced through a copy of Whole Living Magazine and enjoyed the June 2012 theme.  STAND TALL.  You can, of course, catch the entire edition at

Here is a snippet:

Mind – Power up.  Research has shown that taller people are more likely to get promotions, but a recent study in Psychological Science suggests there’s a way to level the playing field.  It found that vertically challenged folks who feel powerful will believe that they are taller than they are – as will the people around them.  Another reminder to think tall when you’re feeling small.

Body – Hold your head up.  Plant your feet on the ground, relax your shoulders, tuck in your stomach, then breathe deeply in and out and feel your confidence grow.  In addition to easing body pain and promoting healthy breathing, good posture influences our ability to believe in ourselves, according  to a study out of Ohio State University,  Breaking out of a slump just got easier.

Soul – Look up.  A walk through the woods reminds us of how awesome trees are.  Sometimes called “the lungs of the earth,” they breathe life and beauty into communities, reduce stress, and help neighbors feel more connected.  Notice the arboreal giants in your world.  If there aren’t enough, plant a few new ones: your green investment will only grow in decades to come.


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