Preparing for Middlebranch Elementary

A kindergarten (from German About this sound Kindergarten (help·info), literally “children’s garden”) is a preschool educational institution for children

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Wednesday morning I will have the privilege of beginning a new school.  The kindergarteners at Middlebranch Elementary School located in Plain Local School District will enjoy learning about Butterfly Metamorphosis through music, dance and visual art. For this project Benjamin Payne offered up a listen to new music he has been writing with Jon Conley (Massillon) and Mike Welsh (Canton).  It sounds exciting and fitting for the vignette performance pieces I’ve choreographed.  So this evening we commenced the recording process of the narration used in the production.

Academic Content Standards I’ll be covering:

  1. Students will invent movement ideas inspired by a stimulus from the music and visual arts disciplines.
  2. Students will connect movement and rhythm by synchronizing movements to rhythm.
  3. Demonstrate reasoning skills when asking and answering questions about their dance experience.
  4. Discuss why dance in a healthy activity.
  5. Living things are different from nonliving things. (Science)
  6. Living things have physical traits and behaviors, which influence their survival. (Science)

I found it very refreshing to create this evening while the rain began to trickle outside. There is a newness and inspiration that arrives with the study of BUTTERFLY METAMORPHOSIS.  I hope the kids and teaching staff find it as fun and inspiring as I have!

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