Eat Holiday Foods – SMART

Better Homes & Gardens November 2012
Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing – written by Sally Lloyd-Jones, illustrated by Jago
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Skip the goodies?  We don’t think so.  Here’s how to celebrate the season without depriving yourself – or overindulging.

SMART START – When appetizers make the rounds, opt for the one you’re really craving, even if it seems indulgent.  A few scrumptious bites or something you love – mmmm.  That will satisfy your munchies and set you up for a sane meal.  If you spend the cocktail hour choking down celery sticks, you willpower will shrivel during the main course.

MEAL PLAN – Most holiday gatherings have enough food to feed a small nation.  Your first step?  Forget the idea of sampling everything – the more variety on your plate, the more likely you are to overeat.  Instead, choose a few special dishes to savor.  Round out your meal with a light, nutritious fare such as baked squash & roasted carrots.

SWEET TALK – People tend to dish out bigger portions to others than to themselves – fine for salad, but a problem with pie.  Offer to slice your own sliver, and keep it to one and a half inches at the crust end.  IF you’re handed a superize serving, split it with a tablemate.

Here is my take on the article: baked squash and roasted carrots might not do it for me…I’m also going to talk with my back to the dessert table.


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