Brains, Beauty, and Spiritual Balance

Remember when we were young teenagers?

Dancing from the Inside-Out

It was a gawky and awkward time as we navigated fashion, peer pressure, and fantasies of Cinderella evenings where the ugly duckling turns into a swan.  Eventually we realize that reality was not going to be as smooth and perfect as the pictures in a fashion magazine.  Being beautiful means more than looking good on the outside.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be drop-dead beautiful – or at least in making your outside package prettier.  Perfume, a new dress, high heels, a fresh haircut – they are fun and part of our femininity.  When it comes to real style and class- it’s the heart and the mind, not the outward appearance that matter.

The greatest beauty secret has nothing to do with make-up or fashion.  It is being a woman who delights in who God made her.  She is ‘like a tree that never withers because she has her roots firmly planted.’  Because her faith is real she has the ability to look beyond the surface to the reality beneath.  She looks for substance – a kind heart, a discerning mind, a strong faith – instead of being distracted by outward appearance.  She knows that some things are better than others.

Appreciate beauty and creativity wherever you find them.

exerpt from Checklist for life for women

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