Children’s Dance Theatre

Children’s Dance Theatre

_30A9614web-(ZF-10565-90622-1-001)Children’s Dance Theatre believes that dance is important for all people, particularly children.  Children need to know that their bodies are wonderful instruments that can help us learn and communicate – movement is good for us. The group brings 10-50 minute dance performances that are adventurous, ambitious, and thought-provoking.  Performers use children’s and academic text books, music, and dance to share stories & concepts.  Audiences love the benefits of artistry & creativity with presentations that are entertaining and interactive.



Performance Fees:

  • Mileage is figured at approximately .55 per mile.
  • Negotiable fees
  • Discounts for partnering organizations & vicinities.

Contact Information:

Kimberly Crislip Payne, Director



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