In View of God’s Mercy

DSCN0956In view of God’s mercy…offer your bodies as living sacrifices…This is your spiritual act of worship.

What is your view of God’s mercy?  Has it come into view lately?  As week one of our wellness challenge tumbled into motion I didn’t pick up on the beginning of our verse.

What a tumbling week this was.  The tracking of our moods during the challenge is a great way to detect the pace with which we can make lasting change.  I wanted to jolt myself.  The word “sacrifice” was in the forefront of my mind.  I planned on starving and giving myself sore muscles.  That wasn’t what happened as the temperature plummeted. Instead, I reached for comforting tastes and a full belly.  This was the most difficult transition to a challenge.  I have written in the food log something that I knew I shouldn’t have eaten.  Things that aren’t God’s best fuel for my body, mind, or spirit.

Just last night the word “mercy” caught my eye and I began to really contemplate the mercy that God has given me.  When mercy comes into view it is life-changing. Who am I that I should even be utilized by a loving God?  I have done things and said things that have hurt the people I love.  It is not a pretty view to look at that and know that God has mercifully covered it with His perfect plan.  His perfect sovereignty.  His perfect forgiveness.

Now it is time to turn the page to week two of our challenge.

Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

During week two we must increase the diligence of abstaining from the foods that are faux fuels.  I’d like to encourage you to turn away from any mindless eating you enjoy.  (Mine is Cracked Pepper Triscuits with Muenster Cheese.  Thankfully I conquered the addiction to them in September!)  When we eat just to watch television or chat with others; our minds are not on fueling the body.

Turn your focus instead to the renewing of your mind.  Give yourself time to try new recipes, create your workout schedule and interact with loved ones.  Place “In view of God’s mercy” at the beginning of this week’s verse also!  Keep in touch.

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