Keep Kids Moving + Motivated

Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

RE+CHARGE your parenting or lesson plans by integrating movement and physical activity. Let’s give our bodies and minds in our homes and classrooms the exercise we need to fuel the brain with oxygen. We’ll go over some tried and true ways to create enthusiasm and energy without zapping our own. Movement can radically increase learning and motivation during in-class and virtual academic lessons.

Parents and educators will receive a link to join the webinar via email.

Kimberly Payne served as an instructor in Viborg, Denmark while completing an independent study at the Institute of Scandinavian Physical Culture on Educating the Whole Person with Olav Ballisager.  Payne earned a BA in Dance at the University of Akron, completed her Masters in Organizational Leadership, and created and choreographed for the modern dance company, Living Fountain, from 1993-2010 in Canton, Ohio. She has visited 55 schools throughout Ohio to partner with teachers and administrators in re+charging students and motivating classrooms.

Yes, You Can!

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

You may be waiting for it, but wait no longer! Here is permission for practicing wellness while you’re working remotely. You are formally authorized to wear sneakers, nurse your baby, take a lunch, work on your patio, and take a nap. Registrants will receive link to the webinar.

Kimberly Payne completed an independent study at the Institute of Scandinavian Physical Culture on Educating the Whole Person, body, mind, and spirit.  Her BA is in Dance and Masters in Organizational Leadership. Kimberly has been a consultant for arts organization through raising two amazing children and enjoyed working from home while her children were small.


Amy Rumburg Kilgore is the Manager of Internal Communications at Cleveland Clinic Akron General. Working remotely has inspired Amy. During her recent Porch Rocker with Kimberly, Amy declared a new day for remote working productivity.