Behind the Scenes with Ella Turner and Kimberly Payne

“Some students will take to it quickly and become addicted, while others will be exasperated or repelled. Faculty will need to keep the lessons balanced and joyous; but cannot sacrifice the opportunity for students to face the straightforward, simple technique principles offered in our lessons”, explained Payne.

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• Arts education supports the social and emotional (SEL) well-being of students, whether
through distance learning or in person.
• Arts education nurtures the creation of a welcoming school environment where
students can express themselves in a safe and positive way.
• Arts education is part of a well-rounded education for all students as understood and
supported by federal and state policymakers.

We’re Recruiting!

Provide playful stress relief for the public through appropriate shenaniganizing. Provide back-up to the Social Media Content Manager. #takeovers Data entry for 10-15 minutes each workday.
Tour regionally in Ohio. (10% of the time)

Soft Skills

It’s valuable to take a few minutes (while you’re waiting for contracts to come through or schedules to be reassigned) to perform a short audit of your soft skills and update your repertoire of solid examples of YOU! You’re the only one of you in the universe and that matters!

Changing the conversation

Inspired by Julie Robertson and Crystal Pite, Kimberly remembers Jimmy Landry telling, with touching frankness, what inspired his invention of the ‘bullet grabber,’ a magnet that attracts and destroys guns and bombs: people being badly hurt by war”.

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